Friday, 4 January 2013

L'oreal Paris Revitalift total repair first Anti-Ageing BB cream ♥

Yeees! After two weeks desperately looking into my post I finally received it! L'oreals 1st BB cream that targets 10 signs of ageing!It came in lovely package with three samples inside of medium shade in side! Usually when I apply a normal BB, it fells like a mask, blocks my pores and doesn't let my skin breath! Totally different with that one! It goes on like a dream living my skin feeling refreshed and natural! It also evened my skin tone!As me, having some spots, it perfectly covered them and makes difficult to see!The only problem I had was that my skin tone naturally is very light, so medium shade was a bit orange but still gave my skin a little tan!Foundation and anti-ageing cream in one!What else can a girl dream about?



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