Sunday, 30 December 2012

Retail park Nova Eventis in Germany ♥

Hello ladies! Yesterday I went to a massive retail park " Nova Eventis "!I went there in the morning and came back at about two o`clock. To say the truth, I did get very tired!Well, there were about 150 shoppes to go round!!!!I only took a few pictures, but this post appeared to be picture heavy.For a meal, I went to Turkish Bistro and ordered a massive dunner (to those who don't know, it's a naan bread with meat, cabbage, onion, cucumber, salad and ketchup)Ummm, delicious!!! I was so hungry that I even forgot to take a picture! I bought only clothes and going to write a post on that soon. This post is only pictures of inside design and different shoppes.Enjoy!

There were so many amazing Christmas decorations!

Nearly all shoppes had SALE in them!

Christmas stuff was half price! Love it!

This shop had 50% on everything!!!!!

Fountain that people threw money if they want to come back!I did it as well!

Handmade lanterns!

Dried fruits including pineapple, kiwi, mango, peach and many others. I even tried a piece of papaya! It was lush!!!

My favourite shop H&M!!!

Ummm! Lush!

Bijou Brigille jewelry shop

Love those necklaces


C&A:)Sale + 25% on everything

KIKO cosmetics!!!


Love those nail varnishes! Only €1.50 (£1.30)!!!

Big range of wonderful lipsticks!!

Sooo many nail polishes!

Living room interior home design

Christmas house!
And inside as well! Wish my house was like that at Christmas!!:(

Winter scene! It really looks like real!!

Handmade candles
Perfume shop "Douglas". Found my favourite ESCADA perfume edition and got a little sample of it!
New Yorker. Sale weren't that good in here :8

Upside down house! 

I didn't want to go inside because there were to many people.But it was fun to see anyway!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Inspiring blog names ♥

This is just a quick post for those who wants to start their blog and can't find the right blog name:
Beautiful every time
Celebrate the day
Colour me purple
Discover beauty
Give you glory
Everyday casual
Polka dot party
Siesta sunrise
Just realise
Just the way you are
Dancing on the rooftop
La belle aurora
Lavender lime
More than enough
Pineapple delight
Talking to the moon
The girl next door
Viva la Vida

Khaki Hooded Parka and Dorothy Perkins Kardashian leopard print scarf- OOTD ♥

Hi everyone! Today I'm over the moon because I finally got this lush parka that I dreamt about!!!I absolutely love it! It was reduced from £34 to £24 - bargain! It has a detachable quilted inner lining and large hood with fur trim. It also has 4 large pockets and a drawstring waist to leave loose or a fitted look. It is so warm and comfortable, especially for this season.This design is really on  trend now, so can't wait till I wear to school!I finished this look with Dorothy Perkins Kardashian leopard print scarf that was £6!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas ♥ 

 Merry Christmas to everyone!
As much I love Christmas, I'm going to be spending it in Germany with all my lovely family including me, mum, dad, little baby brother, 2 grans and grandad.
We are going to have some traditional Russian and Ukrainian food. Two salads, mash potato, duck roasted with apples, roasted turkey with garlic, smoked salmon, special grans cake with condensed milk, cake "Kiev" and lots of sweets! Belive all of this is delicious)
Anyway . . .Today I'm going to answer some questions from my lovely friend .
1. What is your favourite Christmas colour?
Green . . . Colour green reminds me of Christmas tree.
2. Have you ever made a snowman?
Yes! I do it each year and I absolutly love. Even know this year I build a mini one, I am still proud of it!
3. Real tree or fake tree ?
Real tree. I love the smell! But, unfortenly as this Christmas I'm spending in Germany, my Gran only has a little fake tree and here they are really expensive (( I couldn't resist buying a few of branches just for smell.
4. Favourite Christmas makeup?
I think this year I'll go for mascara and pink lippie.My traditional look)
5. Handmade cards or bought?
I usually make handmade cards but last year I bought so many cards) about 80) So I decided to spend them till making my own. Although I decorated them inside nicely!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The morning it snowed . . . ♥

I woke up today and realised that it was snowing! I run straight onto my balcony and it was full of snow. So, I started making a mini snowman! Look at him smiling! He is awfully cute!  We got quite a fair bit of snow here, but it didn't seem to be nationwide!

Then I just took a few pics of snow on the street and house roofs.


Rina X

Friday, 21 December 2012

Home Treats

 I love decorating my home with lovely little bits and pieces to give it a bit of personality and unique touches. My little bedroom is full of different cute thing in shades of pink, lignt blues and ivory. This room is the best place for me to relax and think about my blog.
 I like desinging my bedroom and giving it my personal touches!So, today I went to my local shopping centre and bought three lovely items for my home.

 Firstly, I chose this lovely jewerly tree stand because I have been looking for something to plug my earings and hang all of my bracelets, rings and necklesses so I don't spend ages looking for them. It also suits my bedroom desing and adds an elegant touch. This was only £6!

 Secondly, I picked this cute wooden heart that I can hang in my room. It's nice and small size, but I still love it. Especially when it was only £1!!!!

Finally, my favourite product is this vintage cup with flowers! The colours perfectly match my pastel vintage kitchen and I will enjoy drink hot tea in some lovely winter evening. And it was reduced from £7 to £1!!!! Great bargain!

*sorry for rubbish pictures, my Grans camera is not working very well.

Rina X

Art Deco, Misslyn and Toni&Guy booklets

Hi there! Haven't posted for a while. Did I tell you that I'm on holiday in Germany! Well, my Gran has a budgie called Marie and I'm in love with her! Have you noticed that I'm with most of the things!So, while I was taking pictures, she was being really curious and came to sit by me! 


                                                           Art Deco lookbook (back)

 Art Deco lookbook (front) . This basically explains what products they used to make the look on the front page. I found this very useful and I'm looking forward to buying this special magnetic nail varnish that makes swirl effect.

                               Misslyn style book                        
 This is the same type of style book 

 On the last page it has a type of postcard where you can enter your details for a chance to win all the products they used to make the look! I'm certainly doing that!


 Hello! Just came and sat on my lap! How cute!
Art Deco, Misslyn and Toni&Guy booklets

Toni&Guy booklet has a range of products made for different hairstyles

It also tells you how to do it and explains it with detailed pictures
       Classic look

Creaative look

Casual look

Rina X


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