Monday, 10 December 2012

I'm vaseline crazy - my new 4 vaseline purchases ♥

 I don't really know why, but over this month  I have literally become obsessed with Vaseline!So first of all, you already know that I have Vaseline rosy lips balm.The price was £1.99.

 I also got this Vaseline essential moisture lotion for £2.65. I love it so much and have used this tonnes already! And what I'm most glad about, is that it actually works! My skin feels much and much more smoother and softer!

This is probably my favourite item. Vaseline pure petroleum jelly:0 Its multitasker and I love everything multitasking! I often use this on my lips and my baby brother uses it under his chin!And this was £1.79!!!!!

The last Vaseline buy was this hand cream.I love this as well bacause it's 2 in 1! Moisture + Anti-bac! And belive me it does its job! I also like the fact its the cheapest! £1.64!

Rina X

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