Sunday, 26 May 2013

Accesorize 70% sale: Vintage Postcard Coin purse

I have this thing for purses (Or Wallets as Americans call it). I cannot have a purse for a long period of time, as I like to change things about. I feel like a purse it such a statement that you simply cannot have too many, therefore I have a huge collection that seems to be ever piling up- however I still do use them on a regular basis. I purchased this poscard coin purse from Accessorize a couple of days ago as I was getting bored of the Lacoste purse that I've been sporting for the last year (a record!) and I simply love the whole look of particular style.
WARNING! Lots of photos!

I am a sucker for cute purses and bags! I always look for something that would catch my eye! Nonetheless the exterior is a postcard look which matches my me perfectly.It has some pretty buttons and embroidery.I also love the little pink bow with gold heart and the airmail sign  It is also has a very soft cotton feel to it which I love.Also, it adds more of a 'girly' touch (not that any more is needed, thanks to the flowers!).

As you open up  the purse, you have just the right space you need for your money to comfortably sit without it looking inflated. You then have only one section where you can put your money, notes, cheques, receipts or whatever you desire!This will be great for school or pocket money. I find I can put a lot of things in a really compact design. I've seen these float about from place to place, but I think these are going to become a huge hit in the months to come!

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