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About - RINA's beauty blog

1. I'm 18 (nearly)
2.I came to GB when I was ten years old and my entire family is from Ukraine!
3.I'm a very shy not confident person that I'm trying to stop
4.I really want to visit Italy, which I think is a perfect country!:)
5.I love Cath Kidston and Accessorize
6.I'm trying to get perfect in French and Spanish!
7.I have a 6-month-old baby brother! Awww!
8.I have been going to dance club for 4 month and I love it!
9.I love everything to do with makeup, DIY, baking and sewing!
10.I want to win more competitions and blog more!
11.My favourite perfume is Lady in one million and my favourite scarf is Dorothy Perkins Kardashian leopard print scarf :)

What skincare products do you use?
I have absolutely lots but my 3 favourites that became part of my skincare routine is Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Milk, Amie Morning Dew Moisturiser and Aapri Apricot Scrub.

What's to most expensive and least expensive make up/cosmetics products you have purchased?
Usually I don't by expensive make up because I'm trying to search for bargains. The most expensive one was probably Naked Palette 2 which was £49 and least expensive one that I'm very proud of is L'oreal eyeliner that was only 10 p.!!!!!!
What's the one thing you wish you could but if you had the money?
Canon camera is my little dream! This is for taking lovely picture for my blog)

What's your favourite genre of music?
I'm not much a music person and often I listen what TV is showing tonight. Although, I quite like pop music.
What's in your handbag?
It depends on where I'm going but at least I always have a Wallet, Purse, iPhone,
Tissues, Ear Phones, Chocolate, Alcohol Hand Gel, Hair Brush, Vaseline tin, Umbrella

Are you a eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara person?
I am a bit of all three! But,definitely can't leave a house without mascara)
Favourite Make up brand?
I like a lot of brands but when I look into my make up bag I often realise that I'm L'oreal Paris addicted)
What/who was your blogging inspiration?
I enjoyed reading other blogs like Victorias Vintage (love her blog, so cute:)) and decide to start one myself!
Favourite brand for lipsticks?
Even now I love L'oreal, I usually prefer MAC lipsticks.

Would you prefer a night out or a night in?
Both really)

 What's your shopping weakness? (shoes, skirts, make up etc!)
Earings is just one thing I can never get enough of)



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