Sunday, 20 January 2013

Free Sample of L'oreal EverPure shampoo + conditioner ♥

*L'oreal EverPure Colour Care System with botanic oils
Recently, L'oreal was offering a free sample of their new EverPure non-sulphate shampoo. I grabbed this offer, as I do adore L'oreal as a brand. Also, my hair was dyed so many times that I want to start taking good care of it now.
It came in a lovely package within two weeks since I ordered it. According to L'oreal, "Specially designed to leave coloured, weakened hair looking shiny and noirished". It is also described as a non-sulphate Colour Care system with botanic oils such as rosemary and juniper.I read several pages about sulphates and apparently they tend to be bad for your hair so I think that using a non-sulphate cleanser will be more natural.
I really like the packing as always L'oreal found a simple and elegant design to suit every bathroom. It costs £5.99 from Boots or Superdrug - quite expensive for me so it is worth to try before you buy!
When I went onto trying it the colour of the actual shampoo is white and it also smells really fresh and nice probably like rosemary. So the smell was very pleasant and a good change from boring fruity and floral shampoo. When washing out hair felt very smooth.
I prefer not to blow dry my hair so I just let it dry naturally.Hair did feel a lot softer but I wasn't that impressed with conditioner because when I brushed my hair it was a bit dangle.
Unfortunately, the sample was only enough for one wash but considering results I might buy a full bottle of EverPure shampoo but not conditioner.


  1. Nice post. I love L'oreal as well, so thank you for this information. I might want to try out this shampoo as well.
    Anyway, I started following you.
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  4. I'd love to try this!



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