Thursday, 3 January 2013

100 day "No spending challange"

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and hope you all had a great start!And this year I decided to start a " No spending challenge"!I think I spend too much money on makeup, clothes, accessories and etc.It is also a great idea to save money!

Everybody who is taking part is going to have different rules, so here is mine:
1. I am not allowed to buy any makeup or beauty products. And NO excuses!!! Believe me, I've got enough!
2. No takeaways like McDonald's, Subway, Tesco and etc.And no crisps, chocolate, etc.This is probably going to save me some pennies!
3. The only excuse is presents! Any birthday, Valentines Day, essentials like shampoo, cotton wool, toothpaste and groceries!But nothing else is allowed!
4.I will try to sell some of my handbags and clothes I don't need on Ebay and Blog sale!
5. I'm not allowed to buy any clothes, bags, jewellery!
I'm going to start from today and finish on 15th April!No doubt it's gonna be hard, but I think I will survive with all the lovely support from twitter community!
Those are some ladies that are doing it with me as well:
Sandra from TheBlackPearlBlog
Grace from allthatslap
Anne from Fashiony Nails
Shona from freshbeautyxox
Alice from Bright Town Girl
Natalie from natalieroseanne
Katie from Fashion & Beauty
Claudia from Beauty and the Chic
Josie from L'amour Josie
Christina from Tales from the Kingdom
Sandra from Beauty Balm
 Melissa from  Son and Star
sorry If I missed some ladies! Let me know whether to link you)
If you want to do no spending ban with us comment below or let me (@RINAsbeauty)
There will be a Twitter chat on Thursday 10th January at 8pm (UK time) #spendingban


  1. Good Luck with the no spending bad... I'd be awful at that!

    Would love if you checked out my blog/followed back


  2. Please include me on you list! 1 week down!
    Good luck!


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