Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cath Kidston pencil case, photo frame and mirror ♥

 First of all, my new favourite, Cath Kidston skinny pencil case in green Kempton rose!!!It was £5!I absolutly adore this. As I still go to school, with it's small compact size it fits in my blazer pocket so it's handy to carry around with me. My record is 8 pens + ruler + rubber + sharpener! Perfect for school. Every time I look at it, during one of my boring lessons, it pleases my eyes and cheers me up. I love the oilcloth material as well because I can just wipe it with a wet towel so it is always clean. It also prevents pens from leaking ( thats what happend to my previous pencilcase from H&M). Now I'm trying to get more stationary in Kempton rose.

 I just couldn't resits not buying this little cutest Buckingham Palace pocket mirror. It was only £2.50!!! I'm not that happy with design but I like the fact that it actually says Cath Kidston on it not like all the other mirrors. This means I can show off in front of my friends (or sell it on ebay).

 Then I spotted this little Kempton rose photo frame that matches my pencil case! This will be ideal for my most precious photo! But it will have to be quite small to fit in ((( And what a bargain as well, it was only £3 (a little bit less for me because Cath Kidston is curently offering 10% off for students!!

Rina X

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