Friday, 21 December 2012

Art Deco, Misslyn and Toni&Guy booklets

Hi there! Haven't posted for a while. Did I tell you that I'm on holiday in Germany! Well, my Gran has a budgie called Marie and I'm in love with her! Have you noticed that I'm with most of the things!So, while I was taking pictures, she was being really curious and came to sit by me! 


                                                           Art Deco lookbook (back)

 Art Deco lookbook (front) . This basically explains what products they used to make the look on the front page. I found this very useful and I'm looking forward to buying this special magnetic nail varnish that makes swirl effect.

                               Misslyn style book                        
 This is the same type of style book 

 On the last page it has a type of postcard where you can enter your details for a chance to win all the products they used to make the look! I'm certainly doing that!


 Hello! Just came and sat on my lap! How cute!
Art Deco, Misslyn and Toni&Guy booklets

Toni&Guy booklet has a range of products made for different hairstyles

It also tells you how to do it and explains it with detailed pictures
       Classic look

Creaative look

Casual look

Rina X


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