Monday, 11 February 2013

Loreal Nude Magique bb cream

   Like the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B cream, this one is another western one which is very very different to the traditional Korean and Japanese ones. This was the first B.B cream I tried that came out plain as paper white! I was pretty shocked but here's the catch.

The Loreal Nude Magique has what is described as "smart pigment capsules". When applied you can feel it is sort of grainy. I know this can bother some people but I find as you use it more you do get a lot less grainy-ness. Most is at the beginning of the tube so persevere if you find you are put off by that! As you rub this in, the colour goes from white to nude skin colour and supposedly these pigment capsules are able blend in with your natural skin tone and cover up any redness ect...

What I love about this B.B cream is that it is very very light. Almost like water and will drip down your face if left too long. The coverage is light and will only cover redness and slight blemishes. It does not feel thick, sticky or dewy but instead adapts to your skin. I really liked the applicator, as it had a small nozzle that enables you to only squeeze out a small amount at once.
The tube is nice, it has a slight purple pearlescent glow and you can easily squeeze out the product with ease. Its nicely shaped to throw in your handbag.

The end result is very nice though, with great coverage.

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