Saturday, 9 February 2013

Clarins New Double Serum ♥

  As I was picking up some baby food for my little brother from boots, I was offered to try out a sample from Clarins.
So, here you go, new clarins double serum specially designed for complete age control.Obviously, I'm a bit young for this, so I personally looked for key factors of how the serum goes onto skin, what feeling it leaves and etc.
So, firstly about what it is. This is more than a simple serum, it is a complete age control concentrate with 20 plant extracts which stimulates all skins vital functions.
Why double chamber than? In order to preserve the quality of the liposoluble and hydrosoluble ingredients, the two phases found in Double Serum never come into contact. A balanced amount of each phase is automatically mixed upon  application.
When I applied it onto my face I was very impressed. The texture is really unique as I have never came across such a light formula despite being oily formula. I'm not sure about the effect but I have read many reviews and most are impressed. And the scent is lovely.
It was actually created by Japanese perfumer and its a blend of fruity and floral notes that are calming and fresh.
You can get this serum from John Lewis for £55!



  1. I wish I could afford products like this!

  2. I wish these are easily available here in Pakistan. Great post :)

    Maria Speaks Prada

  3. Looks lovely, but it's well outside my budget.


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