Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My birthday

I know my birthday was a while ago ( 13th of november )))) but it was just a bit too much for me and I had no time to tell you. This is all things I got + money! My mum cooked all those things I love ( I was meant to take a picture but everyone was so hungry!) Then I as you already know I went too primark with my "kind of friend"and got all those things I love!!!!!

I love those!!! They are really cute penguin gloves from primark!( will definetly go with my purple scarf) My friend gave me those!

This card is from my friend Sophie! I think it's a bit childish but well it's still very cute and thanks again Soph!

Probably my fave present! I got this from my mum and dad and my little baby brother! This is an amazing cutest card that had money in it!!!Thanks I love you all !!!

Rina X

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