Saturday, 17 November 2012

Autumn/Winter Primark haul ♥

 Today I went to primark with my best friend sophie to spend my birthday money and pick some new winter clothes up.
(*sorry about the cruddy photos... blame the winter darkness! *))))

 So, first of all I got them lush cosy socks. It was 2 pairs in black and leopard pattern which seems to be very popular this season. They are relly warm and were only £ 1.50! Bargain!

  I also got these black leggins which might be not very good quality but for only £3 I suppose they should be alright. They would be perfect for everyday wear!

  This vesty top will be ideal for every day and as you might not know i do disco dance and this would be good for that kind of things. It's in black and it was £2!

  Now I think this is the purchase I'm the most glad about. Those amazing ultra soft super skinny jeans were reduced from £11 to £5 !!!!The colour is orange and they really suit me. I'm going to make an OOTD on those very soon. LUCKY!

 This is my fave item! Navy blue knitted cardigan. I love it! I think the golden stud details are going to reflect my eyes. This is just something you can lounge in!

 Basically those are lovely cute bow like hair clips that I use a lot. One in simple black and the other one is yellow with beads. Were reduced from £1.50 to £1 !

What do you think about my buys?

Rina X

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