Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cath Kidston messenger bag

     The weather still being very chilly!) it's getting me really excited for spring to arrive, and eventually the summer sun! One of the things I love most about spring is that I can wear floral prints and pastel colours without feeling out of place. Admittedly I still wear florals in winter, but it's not quite right is it?
    So My love for Cath Kidston is quite a recent thing, but since discovering her designs I've fallen  in love!In keeping with the floral theme, I have a beautiful new bag to show off to you!
I've been using this bag non stop since I've received it, as it's so large! Since summer is approaching and I have a whole tests to do, I find it perfect to take with me everywhere. I can fit in my trainers, books, water etc all inside, with lots room to spare! It's also much more attractive than a smelly old bag!
     The large bag is made from a really durable, strong cotton fabric. The Daisy Rose pattern is set onto a red background, and it has spray burst of pretty rose and daisy (of course!) bouquets all over. It's such a pretty design, also very practicle because of it's large size, as well as its internal pocket and secure magnetic fastening, making it perfect for everyday use. The long handle fit snugly over the shoulder too, and they're sewn into the base of the bag rather than at the top (ever had a handbags handle decide to break off at the wrong time?!) which keeps it very secure.
       The quality of this bag is just amazing. And I bet you can't guess the price... this big, excellent quality Cath Kidston bag is only £45! In comparison to some other CK bags, this price is fantastic in my opinion and worth every penny! I'm sure that this bag will last me many, many years to come, and so I think it's a very worthwhile investment. And florals never go out of fashion, right?
      You can purchase this bag from the ck, as well as a huge range of other gorgeous products (perfect one stop gift shop!). They offer free wrapping in pretty Cath Kidston post stamp prints on every order (saving you lots of time and hassle!), and free delivery on orders over £50!

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